Upgrading 1.1 to 1.2

Laravel and PHP versions

Support for Laravel 5.4 was dropped in Voyager 1.2 and therefore the minimum PHP version is now 7.1. Please update your versions accordingly!

Update your Composer.json

To update to the latest version inside of your composer.json file make sure to update the version of Voyager inside the require declaration inside of your composer.json to:

tcg/voyager": "1.2.*

And then run composer update

Update Configuration

The voyager.php configuration file had a few changes.

'storage' => [
    'disk' => 'public',

is now

'storage' => [
    'disk' => env('FILESYSTEM_DRIVER', 'public'),

Also, the option

'database' => [
    'autoload_migrations' => true,

was added. This allows you to exclude Voyagers migration-files from loading when running php artisan migrate.

There is a new section titled Model specific settings that contains new settings for Compass, cache and media-manager.

Compass is now switched off automatically when the environment is not local. This can be overriden by the following new config-key:

'compass_in_production' => true,

New cache setting:

    'settings' => [
        // Enables Laravel cache method for
        // storing cache values between requests
        'cache' => false,

The media-manager got some new configuration-options:

'media' => [
    // The allowed mimetypes to be uploaded through the media-manager.
    'allowed_mimetypes' => '*', //All types can be uploaded

    /*'allowed_mimetypes' => [

    //Path for media-manager. Relative to the filesystem.
    'path'                => '/',
    'show_folders'        => true,
    'allow_upload'        => true,
    'allow_move'          => true,
    'allow_delete'        => true,
    'allow_create_folder' => true,
    'allow_rename'        => true,

The top dropdown-items can now be translated by providing a language-key:


'navbar_items' => [
    'voyager::generic.profile' => [
        'route'      => 'voyager.profile',
        'classes'    => 'class-full-of-rum',
        'icon_class' => 'voyager-person',
    'voyager::generic.home' => [
        'route'        => '/',
        'icon_class'   => 'voyager-home',
        'target_blank' => true,
    'voyager::generic.logout' => [
        'route'      => 'voyager.logout',
        'icon_class' => 'voyager-power',

If you were using casts in your user-model previously, please remove the array-cast of settings.


can, canOrAbort, canOrFail in the Voyager facade were all removed in favor of Policies and Gates. Please refer to the Laravel documentation.


Final Steps

Voyager changed its way on how to load assets. Assets don't get published anymore, instead they are loaded directly from the package. Because of that, you can safely remove everything from your public/vendor/tcg/voyager folder. Also you can remove the assets_path config-key from config/voyager.php.


Be sure to ask us on our slack channel if you are experiencing any issues and we will try and assist. Thanks.

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