With Voyager you are able to store coordinates and select them from a map. To do so, you first need to make sure that the column in your table is either GEOMETRY or POINT.

After that you have to include the Spatial-Trait in your Model and define the column:


namespace App;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use TCG\Voyager\Traits\Spatial;

class Category extends Model
    use Spatial;

    protected $spatial = ['your_column'];

Now you can go to the tables BREAD-settings and set your field to be Coordinates.

After that you will get a Map where you can select your Coordinates.

Make sure to set the Google Maps API-Key in your configuration. This is also the place where you can define the default location of your map.

Getting the coordinates

You can get the coordinates from your model by calling


This will return an array of coordinates with lat as the latitude and lng as the longitude.

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