Version 0.11 to 1.0

Update your Composer.json

To update to the latest version inside of your composer.json file make sure to update the version of voyager inside the require declaration inside of your composer.json to:

"tcg/voyager": "1.0.*"

And then run composer update

Run the necessary migrations

You will now need to run the following migrations to include new tables or rows that have been added to the latest version. you can find each of these migrations below:

You can do this by adding each of those migrations to your database/migrations folder and then run php artisan migrate

Upgrading Settings

Only applicable if you are using settings in your application. New to version 1.0, settings are grouped by section. For instance the following setting will not work:

{{ setting('title') }}

Each setting key will now belong to a group. Which means that you would need to change the setting to:

{{ setting('site.title') }}

And that title key would now need to have a group with the name of 'Site', like the following:

To update all the settings in your app, you may want to, just create a group name, such as Site, and then update all your settings to include the site prefix:

{{ setting('site.description') }}

Any previous Admin settings have been added to a group called 'Admin'.

Final Steps

Next, you may want to be sure that you have all the latest published assets. To re-publish the voyager assets you can run the following command:

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=voyager_assets --force

Then you may wish to clear your view cache by running the following command:

php artisan view:clear

At last, must change your User model to extend TCG\Voyager\Models\User

use TCG\Voyager\Models\User as VoyagerUser;

class User extends VoyagerUser
    // ...

And now you'll be upgraded to the latest version.

If you're planning to use hooks If you want to use Hooks (Voyager's built-in plugin system) you must run php artisan hook:setup before it will work. This is now included in php artisan voyager:install, so this will only need to be run after upgrading from an earlier version.


Be sure to ask us on our slack channel if you are experiencing any issues and we will try and assist. Thanks.

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