Using the BREAD builder you can easily create Relationships between tables. At the bottom of the page you will see a new button that says 'Create Relationship'

Notice If you have not yet created the BREAD for the table yet, it will need to be created first and then you can come back after creating the BREAD to add the relationship. Otherwise you'll end up with a notification which looks like the following.

So, after the BREAD has already been created you will then be able to create a new relationship. After you click on the 'Create a Relationship' button. You will see a new Modal window that looks like the following:

You will first specify which type of relationship this is going to be, then you will select the table you are referencing and which Namespace that belongs to that table. You will then select which row combines those tables.

You can also specify which columns you would like to see in the dropdown or the multi-select.

Now, you can easily create belongsTo, belongsToMany, hasOne, and hasMany relationships directly in Voyager.

If you need to set advanced options for belongsToMany relationship you can set, after saving relationship, these parameters in details field:

    "foreign_pivot_key": "user_id",
    "related_pivot_key": "role_id",
    "related_key": "id"

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