Upgrading 1.2 to 1.3

Please take a look at our prerequisites before upgrading!

Update your Composer.json

To update to the latest version inside of your composer.json file make sure to update the version of Voyager inside the require declaration inside of your composer.json to:

tcg/voyager": "1.3.*

And then run composer update

Changes to VoyagerAuth

The VoyagerAuth singleton was introduced in Voyager 1.2 and returned an instance of the guard. In Voyager 1.3 this singleton was renamed to VoyagerGuard and now returns the name of the guard as a string. Read more on custom guards here

Update Configuration

The voyager.php configuration file had a few changes.

'user' => [
    'namespace' => null,

was removed. The user-model which will be used in the voyager:admin command is now determined based on the guard.


Be sure to ask us on our slack channel if you are experiencing any issues and we will try and assist. Thanks.

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